What is a Sandhog?

Used as early as 1872, ‘Sandhog’ is a slang term given to urban miners, construction workers who worked underground on a variety of projects in major cities including tunneling, excavation, road building, or some other type of under- ground construction or mining projects. As you know, we have a rich mining history in our anthracite coal region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. We selected a mascot to honor the hard-working, blue collar mentality of the people in our region. It is our plan to lay the groundwork now for what will become the one of the most successful and well-renowned travel baseball organizations on the East Coast.

We were born out of the hard coal region, its blue collar workers and strong labor industry. We were once the capital of the anthracite coal industry. When coal lost favor to oil and natural gas, the industry began to diminish; as did the population of our area. Still, many hard working people remain. The Sandhogs represent decades of miners who have forged ahead into the 21st Century to create modern marvels. Our name honors our people from our home grown area throughout the east coast. It’s hard, dirty work where we form great bonds and a brotherhood. We pay the price and outwork all others. We’re willing to do the job no one else will do! We are Sandhogs!

Can I Afford Playing with the Sandhogs?

As a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, the Sandhogs have opportunities to fundraise for a player’s tuition. This is mainly done through our annual media guide as well as various team-based initiatives. Players may also acquire sponsors to help defray costs associated with the team. For more specific information, please contact us.

Refund Policy

There are a vast number of expenses associated with running our organization. Therefore, we must adhere to a strict NO REFUND POLICY. There are no refunds or credit given at any time or for any reason once you have paid any amount of money for any team. This includes athletic seasons running together, scheduling conflicts (on the player’s part), injuries, illnesses or any other reason the organization deems unacceptable. Additionally, there will be no credits and/or refunds given for any reason not mentioned above or unforeseen altogether.